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JY Lash Trays


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JY Lash Trays 

The Lashes that will change EVERYTHING!!

Handmade, top quality Korean PBT Lashes are the ABSOLUTE best in the lash industry! JY Lashes will leave your sets with a soft, fluffy matte black look you have been searching for your whole lash life/career! ALL COME WITH EASY REMOVABLE FOIL BACK ! Once you start using these lashes, your chunky, sticking to the strip fanning issues will be a thing of the past and you will never look back once you switch to JY Lashes! You will be hooked and your clients will be happier than ever! 

Available in mixed trays CC or D Curl and sizes 8-15 CC and D curl lashes. 0.05 for weight but these bad boys are so versatile they can be used in assisting you with ease for any of your sets. I use them for Hybrid Volume and Mega Volume.


CC 8, CC 9, CC 10, CC 11, CC 12, CC 13, CC 14, CC 15, CC 16, Mixed Tray CC, D 8, D 9, D 10, D 11, D 12, D 13, D 14, D 15, D 16, Mixed Tray D